The St. Gerlach sanctuary

Museum and treasury of the St. Gerlach sanctuary

The history of the St. Gerlach estate goes back centuries. It all started with Gerlachus who lived in an oak tree in the 12th century. When he died, a church with a monastery was built on his grave. After the French revolution, it became privately owned. The last resident died in 1979, after which the buildings became vacant, except for the church on the estate. Between 1995 and 1997, the estate was restored and is now known as Hotel/Restaurant Château St. Gerlach. The church underwent a total renovation in 2007-2008. The historic baroque church is unique due to its magnificent frescos from the 18th century, painted by Johann Adam Schöpf (1707 -1772). The paintings portray the life of St. Gerlach, among others.

Since 2009, you can also visit the wonderful museum and treasury. The showpiece of the collection is St. Gerlach’s tunic. The garment was found in the reliquary of St. Gerlach and was used for a long time to wrap his bones.
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