Green Key

Golden Green Key Camille Oostwegel ChâteauHotels

Camille Oostwegel ChâteauHotels & -Restaurants is enamoured by the beauty of the Limburg countryside. In order to preserve it, Camille Oostwegel ChâteauHotels & Restaurants regards controlling and limiting the environmental impact and risks as a key responsibility of its management and staff. The Green Key guidelines provide the structural basis for this policy.

Green Key is an international certificate which represents sustainability for companies operating in the tourism and leisure industry which are serious about managing their environmental impact. The Green Key guarantees that these companies will exceed their statutory requirements regarding the environment. On 4 February 2013, all ChâteauHotels were again awarded the Golden Green Key Certificate. This is the highest award and means that Camille Oostwegel ChâteauHotels & Restaurants not only complies with the required standards but in fact exceed them.

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