Spa & Wellness St. Gerlach offers a range of massages. From a neck or shoulder massage to a hot stone massage.

Traditional massage
Ideal for relieving muscle tension.

Body massages are ideal for taking some time for yourself and just thinking about you and your body. A body massage can help you maintain good health, both mentally and physically. It is a body massage directly on the skin, using hot or cold massage oil, focusing on your neck, shoulders, back and legs. The massage relaxes the muscles, makes tendons and joints more supple and stimulates lymphatic drainage, allowing waste substances to be eliminated from the body faster.

Back, neck & shoulder massage  - € 42.50  duration: 20 minutes
Full Body massage  - € 75  duration: 40 minutes
Extensive massage  - € 95  duration: 55 minutes

Hot Stone massage
The use of hot basalt stones creates a sense of balance and calm.

Basalt stones are volcanic stones, smooth and polished. The heat and the massage make it possible to penetrate the muscle tissue more deeply. This makes the massage more effective and more intensive. Hot oil is also used to enable the stones to slide more easily. The hot stone massage has an intense, deeply relaxing and healing effect. The massage is calming and soothing. It promotes optimal relaxation in the muscles and nervous system. Furthermore, this massage boosts the flow of blood to the muscles.

Back, neck & shoulder massage   - € 55  duration: 30 minutes
Full body massage  - € 95  duration: 60 minutes

100% Customized peeling and massage
Indulge in al personalizes sensorial escape!

Three massage products and one body exfoliating product with unique textures combined with an aroma of your choice. Sensorial excape of your choice:
  • Lemon and petitgrain extract, fresh and tonic
  • Vanilla and sandalwood, sweet and enchanting
  • Orange blossom and cedarwoord, musky and woody

€ 102.50 duration: 60 minutes

Specific massage
Foot massage  - € 42.50  duration: 20 minutes
Facial massage  - € 42.50  duration: 20 minutes
Chair massage  - € 27.50  duration: 20 minutes

Outdoor massage
Spa & Wellness St. Gerlach offers you a unique experience during the Summer. A relaxing- or body massage in a beautiful natural setting.

Prices are per person. All prices are valid till December 2014.

The use of the swimmingpool, sauna and Turkish bath for duration of one hour are included in the body treatments. Hotel guests of the Châteauhotels can use the facilities longer.
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