Intensive treatments

Besides the basic treatments, Sothys also offers various intensive Institute treatments. These treatments includes Digi-Esthétique® an original technique developed by Sothys: an absolute quest for effectiveness and well-being. Digi-Esthétique combines digito-pressure, effleurage and drainage offer an interlude of wellbeing for the body and mind. This excusive method immerses the client in deep relaxation and revitalizes the body to improve the circulation of vital energies and the assimilation of active substances.

Indulge your skin in an exceptional treatment, combining high technology active ingredients and a beautician recommended program for your ultimate skin hydration. After one treatment, the skin will feel quenched, revitalized.
This treatment includes eyebrow shaping and elimination of impurities.

€ 107.50  duration: 90 minutes

Collagen hyaluronic
Discover the first intensive anti-ageing treatment adapted to real age of skin, diagnosis by the beauty therapist. Proefessional treatment combining technology and exclusive hand movements for proven long-lasting results.
This treatment includes eyebrow shaping and elimination of impurities.

€ 107.50  duration: 90 minutes

Energizing Intensive treatment with Siberian ginseng
Energy to reveal a glowing youthful skin.
Intensive treatment with Siberian ginseng to illuminate the skin with a wave of light and allow it to reveal its youthfulness like never before.
This booster treatment is ideal to prepare for a course of anti-ageing or hydrating intensive treatments to restore the skin energy and radiance.

The face lights up. Its natural beauty is revealed.

€ 107.50  duration: 90 minutes

Resurfacing Peeling
Detoxify, oxygenate and resurface the skin for immediate visible results. An intense exfoliation with semi-precious ruby & sapphire crystals is followed by renewing glycolic/salicylic peel. A deep pore cleaning helps to promote a clearer more radiant complexion. A relaxing massage and oxygenating mask complete this skin transforming treatment.
This treatment includes eyebrow shaping and elimination of impurities.

€ 82.50  duration: 60 minutes

Sothys intensive Institute treatments are recommended as treatments of three sessions.

Prices are per person. All prices are valid till December 2014. 

The use of the swimmingpool, sauna and Turkish bath for duration of one hour are included in the Intensive treatments. Hotel guests of the Châteauhotels can use the facilities longer.
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